Powerlifting – The Super Sport To Gain Confidence


Powerlifting is a sport wherein you try listing as much as weight possible in just one rep. Unlike weight lifting, there is not going to be many repetitions. The focus is on the weight you can lift and not the number of times you do the exercise. When you perform the dumbbell bent over lateral raise, you are actually training your muscles for power lifting. The muscles involved need to be strong and sturdy as you can read in Fitnessmagazine.com
The main components involved in powerlifting
Powerlifting is made up of three main exercises:-
The squat,
The deadlift, and
The bench press.
There are many benefits you derive out of power lifting. These Benefits include:-
Building stronger bones
It’s not only the muscles that benefit out of power lifting. You are actually strengthening your bone structure as well. Powerlifting is a weight bearing routine which helps to load increased weight on your muscles and bones. This, in turn, helps to increase the strength of the bones. Most people do not consider the fact that like the other parts of the body, bones also grow. They become strong and healthy as you work on them.
Maximize muscle strength and size The exponential increase of the muscles is what you will gain out or regular powerlifting. Do remember to increase your intake of protein of you are planning to continue powerlifting on a regular basis. Your muscles need protein to recover from damage and grow strong. As you start the practice, you may experience initial pain in your muscles as they are straining more. However, this is normal as in the case of all other exercises. Give it time and continue regularly. The pain will subside in time.
Lose weight by burning calories
Powerlifting is a calorie intensive exercise. Though you will not get that lean look as from other workout sessions, you will be burning lots of calories. There will be a decrease in weight also as it is an intensive workout. Lifting so much weight is a procedure that requires tons of energy. This energy is derived by burning the calories in your body.
Increase athletic ability
You will become a great athlete by regular powerlifting. Try your luck in running and jumping. The result will be amazing. The workout will do wonders with your calf muscles and thighs.These get stronger and can endure longer workouts.And this is what an athlete requires.
Get a strong core
Strengthen your core by power lifting. You can increase the strength of your lower back as well. This also Improves posture greatly. You will start standing upright and will get rid of any hunch back issues. Standing straight and upright will come naturally and confidence will flow through your body.
Before deciding to take up powerlifting, do consult your medical practitioner and verify that you can start the regime. Once you start, you will soon see how confident and strong you feel. The new energy levels will reflect in everything you do.

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